Here are some examples of some track plans I have yet to build.
As you can see I have almost NO limitations on size and radius.
So let your mind dream up your ultimate race course.

(Not all tracks are shown to scale)

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yet-to09.jpg (11150 bytes) Black_Fray_vari.jpg (10964 bytes) yet-to07.jpg (11264 bytes) yet-to08.jpg (10412 bytes)
yet-to11.jpg (6443 bytes) yet-to13.jpg (7174 bytes) yet-to15.jpg (8559 bytes) yet-to14.jpg (8562 bytes)
yet-to19.jpg (13729 bytes) Brads_upstairs_track-sm.jpg (17641 bytes) yet-to17.jpg (10931 bytes) yet-to18.jpg (9547 bytes)
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yet-to23.jpg (7668 bytes) yet-to06.jpg (8192 bytes) yet-to05.jpg (7498 bytes) yet-to01.jpg (7831 bytes)

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