International T-jet track
Internation_t-jet01.jpg (66464 bytes)

Internation_t-jet02.jpg (82498 bytes)

  This track was commissioned by Bob Marketos (Who was at that time the editor of HO World).

- In this configuration, it's made to fit on a 5' x 9' table
and one lap is 48' 6" around and has 4 lanes.

- The roadway is 8" wide and incorporates a 1.75" apron so the car will not fall of the edge of the track.

- You may choose to get the track machined for tongue & groove joints
-You may also get the track joints cut for "dog bones".

- You can also purchase additional straights to make the circuit longer.

-So say you want to make this circuit fit a 12' long table,
you'll need to purchase 2) 3 foot straights.
-That will extend the right side of the track out further.

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(Dog not included)