International T-jet track
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  This track was commissioned by Bob Marketos (editor of
- I don't make these tracks.  I have them CNC routed by a local shop,
but I make certain they stay within my strict standards.
- Due to the inherent machining process of CNC routing, the rail slots were not
being machine to my liking.  So now after the CNC work is done,
I'm hand routing the rail slots.  I anticipate rail height will vary from .009" - .015".
Which is fine for T-jets and magnet cars alike.
- In this configuration, it's made to fit on a 5' x 9' table
and one lap is 48' 6" around and has 4 lanes.
- The roadway is 8" wide and incorporates a 2" apron so the car will not fall of the edge of the track.
- We are selling this track in "kit" form for $899.00 (crating and shipping are extra).
- The kit includes large track sections (for minimal joints), steel rail,
color coded lock wire (packing), installation tool, and instruction manual.
- If you don't want to go through the effort of installing the rail, I will inlay it for you
for an additional $500. 
- You may choose to get the track machined for tongue & groove joints. $150 extra.
- You may also purchase additional straights to make the circuit longer.
They are priced at $16 per foot.
So say you want to make this circuit fit a 12' long table,
you'll need to purchase 2) 3 foot straights ($90).
- To see pictures of the track on HOWorld website, go here:

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