Modular Race Tracks
Champion-mini.jpg (29954 bytes)
  This is how Champion Raceway looks when
squashed down to fit a 12' long table.
  Because the track joints in my Modular Tracks
are always located at the same point,
the tables can be swapped out with other end tables.
  Champion's end tables are numbered:
A (left table)
1 (right table).

Champ_4x16_modular.jpg (31379 bytes)
This is the same end tables (A-1) with the 4'
optional center section spliced in.

Modular-end-tables.jpg (34437 bytes)
If you get tired of your layout, you can either buy new tables
or trade different end tables with your friends.
These tables are numbered B-2.

Modular-end-tables_B1.jpg (22593 bytes)
You get to pick and choose from many designs.
This would be a B-1 combination.

Modular-end-tables_A2.jpg (21324 bytes)
This would be combination A-2

Modular-end-tables_B1_w-extra.jpg (23163 bytes)
This is B-1 with the added center section.

Pick and choose from 8 different left tables (lettered),
and from 8 different right tables (numbered):
Modular_collage.jpg (209705 bytes)

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