More and more racers are asking about ZIP-ZAP MAGNET TRACKS.

- These tracks have larger rail than I normally use:
   Normally, my rail size is: .014" x .075".
   ZIP-ZAP tracks have: C1010 mild steel rail with a hardness of RB75-80
   The physical dimensions are: .015" x .109".  Very close to the same size as Tomy track.

- The rail height remains very consistent:
   As usual with my other tracks, I always work really hard to obtain even rail
   height consistency:   .012" +/- .0025"

- The rail spacing is very consistent:
   (Most) Tomy track measures .580 - .590 from outside edge to outside edge of the rail.
   These tracks mimic this measurement also.

   Any of my tracks can be built with either the "new" taller or the smaller size rail,
   but these tracks are designed specifically with "Magnet Car" racers in mind.

The Zipper (4 lane)
Challenger_4-lane.jpg (43423 bytes)
4' x 16' table, 62.1' lap length

The Zapper (6 lane)
Challenger_6-lane.jpg (34946 bytes)
4' x 16' table, 59.67' lap length

Flat-out Champion (4 lane)
Champ_flat-out_4x12.jpg (44325 bytes)
4' x 12' table, 45.91' lap length

Flat-out Champion (4 lane)
Champ_flat-out_4x16.jpg (51422 bytes)
4' x 16' table, 61.13' lap length

Scorpio (4 lane)
Scorpio.jpg (13160 bytes)
4' x 16' table, 60' lap length

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