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If you have any questions about the tracks I build,

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between 9:00 am & 9:00pm  (Pacific time please)

Brad Bowman


Jeff Francis -"Hi Brad, the track looks great and is a blast. It was SO worth waiting for.  You did an awesome job and thanks for being patient on my pick up time.
Respectfully,  Jeff Francis"

Lorna Hunt, England - "My track is completely, utterly, totally fantastic! It's got about 10,000 or so laps on it now, and just gets better and better. We race Riggens. When you try to push that little bit harder while chasing another racer, if you slide too much and your opponents doesn't, it's over! I can't wait to get back racing again. Thank you very much for your time, effort, the landscaping and your attention to quality detailed work. I would wholeheartedly recommend one of your tracks for any slot car racer's nirvana."

John O'Brien - "Saturday I had several guys over and we put a few thousand laps on my new track. Just wanted to say once again how great the track is, and how glad I am for owning it.  It really was totally worth the wait. Thanks again." 

CJ Sasso - "The quality of your work exceeded my expectations - fantastic! Thank you - it was well worth the wait."

Michael Block - "Of the 6 tracks I bought from Brad, my latest one (Grand Champion 3) is the best track I've ever owned."

Steve Geary -
"Thanks Brad for the awesome track that I used to run the quickest and fastest HO slot car speed ever, a pass of 115.97 with a .165 e.t. left my jaw about dropped to the floor, a smooth track is absolutely imperative to run these speeds. Thanks again for your excellent product."

Stefan Rieker - "Hi Brad, I think I totally forgot to thank you for that wonderful track you made for me! Its up and running on my table and I really enjoy it and love to race on it! Next on my project list is to connect the timing sensors to the computer and then building landscape and detailing. If you like I can send you pictures when the work is done.
Thank you again for your great work and the perfect crating of it! People here are already asking about the track and I hope that its ok that I wholeheartedly recommend you and your track to them. Maybe you get some more German orders. "

Dan Perkins - "Brad at "Brad's HO Tracks", was easy to work with, his expertise and love of auto racing is a great asset when it comes to track building. He knows what works and what does not. He helped me come to a final design that is thrilling to race on. I had a couple features that were important to me, each of those features showed up on my track! When I arrived to pick up my track, I was stunned. The track is ultra fast and smooth, it runs any type of HO scale car and is just a fantastic track to race or cruise on. If you have a desire to have a 1 of a kind professionally built race circuit in your home, Brad Bowman is the right person to connect with! Thanks Brad I love my track"

Rick Voegelin - I got all six lanes up and running on Saturday afternoon, and I'm super-pleased with the track. I cleaned the rails with a track eraser, made a couple of laps with a magnet car, and it was good to go -- absolutely zero problems with power, rails, slots, or joints. You are the Rembrandt of routed tracks! 

Bob Litteer - Just got my track in my home!! It’s more beautiful than I can say!!!!  Thank you sooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!
It was well worth the wait!!  The best testimonial is it took 10 mins. and I was racing. The craftsmanship is Terrific.

Gary Patton - "I have nothing but good things to say about your tracks and anybody who has raced on them says the same. You can quote me saying "I'm very happy with Brads work and attention to detail."

Steve Griffin - "Purchased a couple of the Carrera 180 turns from you a few months back. Love them!!"

Steve Westly - "I've owned my track for about 6 months now, and I couldn't be more pleased.  My only regret is that I don't have more time to race on it."

Tim Dixon - "The wide radius turn was an awesome addition to our afx track. It allows
for true NASCAR style racing where you have to feather the accelerator all
the way throughout the turn. Believe it or not - there is truely a
'holeshot' capability with this turn -Brad gave us real racing with a simple request."My track is awesome

James Cantlay - "My track is AWESOME!"

Marty Ruiz - I was at a friend's house in Toledo to assist in rewiring his Tub Track.  It was purchased from TSS Hobbies in Michigan.
It has a Brad Bowman routed track in it.

  I am an old skool guy and really enjoy L&J track in my Tubbie, but I gotta say I was really impressed with the smoothness and traction of the Bowman!  This track has set for 1 year uncovered.  It got rewired, we set a car on, hooked up a contoller, and away we went!!  We never even dry wiped the track.  The first cars were SRT magnet cars.  Only a couple lanes did we have to give a push to a car that had stalled.  After that it was smoooooth sailing!  After a few laps we all ran T-Jet and AW cars.  Comments were made on how many laps we ran w/o cleaning the tires.  I was running Weird Jacks or stock AW tires.  I don't know what the others had.
Smoooooooth!  I gotta give Brad Bowman
's tracks two thumbs up!!

John Bamonte - "In September you packaged and shipped my two new Brad Bowman tracks and I promised a follow-up message. Recall that the tracks were shipped in a 4x4 crate with five internal levels, one for each track section. I have attached a few photos. The crating job was absolutely fantastic and beyond my expectations, as were the tracks themselves. The shipping via Yellow was a smooth process, and on the local end they were very nice to deal with. They delivered the crate directly to my home and set it in my garage as you see it in the photos. The crate was very secure and there was no damage to the track sections. The added value was definitely worth the added cost, and overall I was entirely pleased with the process. I would do it again this way in a New York minute. Thank you for everything."

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