I can build just about any custom track section you may need.
Any straight, corner or complex of corners.
These sections can be incorporated into your existing layout
or used for a temporary circuit.
  I attach track sections from whichever manufacturer you need,
to the ends of the custom pieces.
So all you have to do is plug the custom pieces in as you would
any other section of standard track.

custom-corner-sm.jpg (44684 bytes)
This is a 72" diameter corner made to fit
in conjunction with Tomy A/FX track.

Click here to see a 21" radius corner that connects to AFX track.

  Also, I have IN STOCK custom routed 180 hairpin turns
to fit inside Carrera's #1 turn for sale.
CLICK HERE to learn more.

tech_block01.jpg (12767 bytes)
Set-up block $14.99 (includes USPS 1st class shipping).
3/8" thick to help prevent warpage.

*(Chassis not included)*

tech_block02.jpg (15664 bytes)


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