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Granite Archer Raceways (quality sectional HO slot car tracks)
Also at:

TRACKER 2000 (An very useful program design to help you desgin just about ANY track)

FSMRA (HO slot car based hobby shop in Davenport Iowa)

Slot Trak (Great timing and racing software for slot cars)

Derby HO Racing Club (The club that runs the 24 hour HO LeMans race)

Shaunadega's site (Shaun Lee's NASCAR oval)

Hot Slots of Petaluma (Bob Marketos)

HO World (Bob Marketos' online "zine" for HO enthusiasts)

Scott Dunlop's So. Cal. T-jet Racing site

Gary Patton's Arlington Raceway site
Gary doesn't have a site right now :-(

Champion Raceway (My first routed track) Now owned by Dan Luna

Scott Johnson's Highlands Ranch Raceway site

Henry Harnish (1962 Aurora Grand National Champion)

Milt Surratt's Race-A-Slot site

Malcolm Michael's site

Rock Island Raceway

Rob Hayes' Catfish Raceway site:

Paul Haak's site:

A fellow named Jim who asked me to link to his site:

SLOT CAR CIRCUIT: Specializing in Artin and AutoArt Slot Cars 1/32 and 1/43 scale
real racings flags for real racers